How to get tokens

With tokens you can purchase votes


Last Update 2 jaar geleden uses tokens as balance to simplicy the process buy votes with. One token is worth one dollar worth of votes on our platform. One token will generally give you about 100 votes on any website. To view all the website prices you have to go to the 'Websites' tab.

To buy tokens, go to the 'Purchase tokens' tab. This lists all the current deals. 

We have different packages for different prices. Our cheapest package is currently 3,95 for 4 tokens. This will give you a price of 0.99 dollar per token. When you buy the biggest package the same token will cost you 0,38 dollar. This is a 163% discount. The more tokens you buy at once, the more discount you receive.

To buy a package, click the 'Buy' button. You will receive the following screen.

There are several ways to buy tokens on our platform. All of these ways are fully automated. You will receive the tokens immediately after purchase.

We currently support the following payment providers:

  1. PayPal
  2. Paymentwall - this allows 100+ different options worldwide as payment
  3. Binance smart chain - we have the following options integrated: BNB, USDT and BUSD on BSC

If you wish to pay with a different option, contact support.

A payment confirmation on PayPal and Paymentwall can take from 1 minute to 10 minutes. A payment confirmation on BSC can take from 10 minutes to 1-2 hours. We rely on a third party for BSC payments. If you wish to make sure your payment went through, contact support.

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